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Burn Safety for Your Children

During #BurnAwarenessWeek DoctorsCare has some burn safety tips to protect you and your children.


Home Burn Safety Tips

Many ordinary things in your home can cause burns for young children.

  • Hot water heater
    • Turn the thermostat on your water heater down to below 120º F to prevent scalding.
    • Check the bath water temperature with your hand before putting the child in the tub.
  • Cooking
    • Don’t cook while holding a child.
    • Don’t leave the stove unattended when you’re cooking.
    • Keep hot foods away from the edge of tables or countertops.
    • Don’t use tablecloths or placemats that children can pull down.
  • Hot appliances
    • Keep things like clothes irons or curling irons unplugged and out of reach of children at all times when not in use.
    • Establish a “NO” zone around stoves, space heaters, and fireplaces.
  • Food
    • Always test hot food or liquids before giving them to your child.
    • This is especially important for microwave ovens, which heat foods unevenly.
    • Never warm a baby’s bottle in the microwave.


Outdoor Burn Safety Tips

  • Grills and campfires
    • Never leave children unattended around hot grills and smoldering campfires.
    • Watch children during fireworks, and don’t let them play with fireworks or sparklers.
    • Check your children’s car seats and check hot straps or buckles. Leaving your car in direct sunlight causes fabrics and metals to turn hotter than you think.


Fire Emergency Plan

  • Install smoke detectors and change batteries at least once a year.
  • Learn how to use a fire extinguisher and keep one handy.
  • Teach your children to stop, drop and roll.
  • Practice an emergency evacuation plan every six months and teach your children to leave a smoky area by crawling on the floor.

And, of course, store matches, lighters, and ashtrays out of reach of children. Always extinguish candles before leaving the room.

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