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How to Stop Procrastination

Was your New Year’s resolution to stop procrastinating? If so, DoctorsCare has some simple guidelines to help.

Focus on the long-term

  • It’s easier to work on something that will offer instant gratification.
  • Shift your focus to those long-term goals that may take more work to achieve.

Give yourself small tasks

  • The long-term goal may be overwhelming and cause anxiety.
  • Give yourself a small assignment that’s more achievable.
  • Make it a homework assignment that needs to be completed by the end of the day tomorrow.

Turn off distractions

  • Set a timer and give yourself a certain amount of time to work on a project.
  • Turn off all music, your phone, and even your emails.
  • If your office has a door, close it.

Give yourself a reward

  • If you finish a task in the allotted time, give yourself a break.
  • Leave your desk and go to another room to rest and relax for 10 – 15 minutes.
  • Then go back to your task and do it all over again.

Set a certain amount of time for important tasks

  • If you have a task that needs to be done by the end of the week, set aside a certain amount of time each day to work on that task.
  • Don’t wait until the last minute to accomplish something.

Don’t stress about procrastination!

If you or someone in your family is not feeling well, bring them to one of our DoctorsCare facilities.At DoctorsCare, our providers are specifically trained in Urgent Care and Emergency Medicine. Visit one of our two conveniently located offices in Clarksville. We accept walk-in patients of all ages during all hours of operation. No appointment is necessary! Walk in, feel better!