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Holiday Weight Gain. How to Avoid it.

DoctorsCare has a few tips to help you keep the weight down this holiday season

With all the holiday family meals, the parties and the gifts of chocolate and sweets, it’s hard to control your cravings during this onslaught of food. On average, we pack on around 1 to 2 pounds during the holiday season. And most of us don’t take it off after the holidays, so each year we get heavier.

DoctorsCare wants to share some tips to prevent holiday weight gain:

  • Keep moving! If your hectic schedule won’t allow for an hour at the gym, at least take a walk or hop on that treadmill. Science suggests that exercise can counter some of the metabolic effects of overeating.
  • Be picky about splurges. It’s fine to have a food thrill or two but pick something you really like and don’t just load up your plate with everything. Try spoonfuls of something and try to avoid filling your plate.
  • Don’t fast in preparation for a big meal. Eat a healthy breakfast or brunch on the day of your scheduled party. If you’re overly hungry at the dinner party, you’ll find yourself overeating.
  • Drink wisely. Alcohol can weaken your inhibitions and spur you to over-indulge. Also, alcohol can disrupt your sleep which can impact your appetite and food choices later.
  • Hunger cues. Just as important as not entering a holiday affair when starving, it’s also important to stay tuned to when you’re feeling content. Feeling content means you’ve satisfied your physical hunger and you’ve shown your taste buds some love.
  • Bounce Back. There’s no reason why there can’t be healthy and lighter meals in between the big meals of the holidays.
  • Limit the leftovers. Leave them!
  • Weigh yourself. You might not notice gaining a few pounds, but your scales will. Check yourself regularly to see if you need to cut back a little.
  • Keep calm. Research suggests that stress can lead to less healthy food choices, and it also impacts hormones that can prompt you to store belly fat. Make time to do some deep breathing or meditation to cope with holiday and family stress.

But most of all, enjoy the holidays!

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