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Tips for a Healthier You and a Healthier Planet

There are many healthy habits we can pick up that keep our bodies healthy and the earth as well. DoctorsCare has some tips for not only a better you but also a better earth


It’s important to take care of our bodies. There are many everyday tasks that you can pick up to live a healthier life and maintain a healthy planet.

Bike to work or school

  • Biking instead of driving can lower carbon emissions while giving you a nice workout.
  • Bikes do not use fuel, and it takes way less energy to make a bike than a car.

Spend more time outside

  • Spending more time outdoors can reduce the number of lights on at your house.
  • Being outside, whether you’re going for a walk, hike, run, or just simply enjoying the outdoors, is great for your mind, muscles, heart, and more.
  • You’re saving energy inside if you’re outside, as long as you continue to shut lights or unplug devices while you’re not using them.

Buy organic or grow your food

  • Utilizing sustainable and safer food sources is healthier for you to consume and a great way to help the earth.
  • Buying organic means, you are buying food grown without harmful chemicals and pesticides.
  • Chemicals and pesticides are dangerous to your health and the soil, water, and air. 
  • Planting your garden is another great way to not only save money but contribute to saving the earth.

Use green cleaners

  • Many of the chemicals found in cleaning supplies can be harmful to our bodies and the environment. 
  • While they work when it comes to killing germs, they’re not good for our health.
  • Save money and use alternative cleaning solutions using essential oils mixed with materials such as baking soda, white vinegar, water, natural dish soap, or vodka.
  • DIY recipes can be found here.

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